Polymer Nanocomposites and Carbon Fiber Lab (P&C Lab) is focused on the study of polymer chemistry, physics, and processing of polymer nanocomposites & carbon fiber. The research work is based on the overall comprehension of the micro/nanostructure of materials and investigation of the structural mechanism of carbon materials manipulating them to tailor the resulted material properties. In addition, to implement the production of nanocomposite with high performance, we focus on the physical and chemical interaction between polymer and nanocomposite materials.

The interdisciplinary research topic of our group includes i) Synthesis of ultra-high molecular weight of polymer precursor enabled multi-functional polymer composites for high-performance textile/fibers, ii) Optimization of polymer/carbon fiber manufacturing process, iii) Preparation of Catalyst embedded carbon fiber/powder iv) Development of novel carbon materials derived from eco-friendly materials, v) Rheological hybrid ink design for 3D printing of high performance organic/inorganic materials.